Welcome to the Wardrobe for Bedroom

Wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the modern bedroom. Its main function is related to the storage of clothes, shoes and other personal items and accessories. Wardrobes also have an impact on the overall look and feel of the room. In addition, they can include a variety of accessories such as mirrors and decorative lighting. Here we will gather as much information and inspiration as possible about wardrobes for the bedroom.

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom, without it there would easily be chaos. There are many variants, maybe you prefer wardrobe in wooden doors, glass doors, hinged or sliding doors, there are many different variants out there, here we will look at 20 fantastic wardrobes in different designs.

Here I have filmed 5 door hinged wardrobes with mirror and drawers, you get everything in one and the same package, you could say. You will see many pictures and also videos in this article.

Should you have a wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors? Here we will look at a poll about what kind of wardrobe people have in their bedroom and the pros and cons of wardrobe models.

IKEA are experts in wardrobe solutions, what could be better than using their PAX system to build your Walk-in wardrobe. Here you will see lots of walk-in closets from IKEA, which solutions from the KOMPLEMENT series suit you, which size? which colours? There is a lot to think about when building your own wardrobe, here I will inspire and...

REINSVOLL wardrobe doors from IKEA is made from recycled PET bottles and recycled wood, so this is a wardrobe that is not only practical and functional but very environmentally friendly. It is an extra plus when choosing your wardrobe for the bedroom, the environment is the most important thing we have on earth. Here we are going to look at...

Here we will look at 2 modern wardrobes with sliding doors from the brand Modern Living. These wardrobes have a suitable colour combination between light wood decor and gray colour, one is a little darker than the other wardrobe.

Here we have filmed three bedrooms from the same seller but in different locations. Voleo is the producer and they are from Germany. These bedrooms have grey fitted corner wardrobes with hinged doors as you can see in the pictures and video, it is exactly the same wardrobe system that was used.

All bedroom furniture in this room is from the same series, LANDSCAPE which is filmed at AIKO. The style is a bit more rustic and everything goes in the same colour, bedside table, wardrobe and bed. This blue majestic wardrobe with mirror doors goes in a rustic style and with its size and weight, 270 cm wide and 245 kilos,...