2 modern wardrobes with sliding doors


Here we will look at 2 modern wardrobes with sliding doors from the brand Modern Living. These wardrobes have a suitable colour combination between light wood decor and gray colour, one is a little darker than the other wardrobe.

Size of the wardrobe

We get a good idea of how big a difference 50 cm in width of a wardrobe can be, that's what separates these wardrobes, one is 270 centimeters and the other is 220 centimeters. Purely in terms of weight, there is a whopping 85 kilos difference between the larger and the smaller wardrobe.

Wardrobe inserts

It is always exciting to open and see what the stores have inside the wardrobes when it comes to wardrobe inserts. You always get new ideas about how you can have it yourself at home. One of the wardrobes below has a wooden box storage solution, why not! Only the imagination that sets limits, and size of the wardrobe of course.

Dresser solution inside wardrobe

Many wardrobe manufacturers have a dresser solution inside the wardrobe, this is very practical and space-saving if you have a small bedroom, many do not have room for a chest of drawers, so this solution works perfectly. If you buy it fully installed, it fits perfectly, you can also buy your own dresser and put it in, but the risk is that it won't fit as well, so measure carefully before you do anything.

The flexibility of design and dimensions of modern wardrobes makes it possible to use them even in rooms with limited capacity. Current solutions are extremely mobile, compact and beautiful. Just look at these 2 wardrobes, they are beautiful, practical and the options for wardrobe inserts, for example, are endless. If you like to hang clothes, get clothes rails, if you need space for a lot of small things organized, then a dresser is perfect.

LED lights for the wardrobe

LED lights for the wardrobe are an important detail, especially inside the wardrobe. Here you can see LED lighting also on the outside of the wardrobe, this little lamp, I don't know if it fulfills much more function than aesthetics when it is dark in the bedroom. Looks nice when it's dark but no lighting to help otherwise.

Furnish the bedroom

When it comes to decorating and furnishing the bedroom, everything matters, size of wardrobe, bed and floor space and more. These two rooms are the same size, but thanks to the fact that one has a wardrobe that is 50 centimeters less in width, a make-up table and chair have plenty of space next to it. You could find a custom solution and fit a make-up table with the larger wardrobe, but it would feel quite cramped and out of place, don't you think?

When furnishing, it is important to think about the whole so that you get what fits your needs. Both of these wardrobes are included in bedroom sets from Modern Living, so everything harmonizes in terms of colour and style. The bedroom set above is called SHANTON and the bedroom set below is called ALICANTE and these are sold by Mömax. The advantage of buying furniture sets is that you know they fit together, wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers are usually included in furniture sets for the bedroom.

Video of these 2 modern wardrobes

Video format is perfect for those who like more moving images. Here I have two clips of these wardrobes with sliding doors. You also get some general filming of the bedroom, I hope you will be inspired by my material!

Modern wardrobe with sliding door by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz.

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