5 door wardrobe with mirror and drawers


Here I have filmed 5 door hinged wardrobes with mirror and drawers, you get everything in one and the same package, you could say. You will see many pictures and also videos in this article.

I post a wardrobe in a modern style and one in a rustic style so that everyone is satisfied, always fun and instructive to see differences between different design styles, usually the wardrobes are pretty much the same inside because it's you who decide wardrobe inserts. We start with the wardrobe in rustic style.

Size of 5 door rustic wardrobe

This five door rustic style wardrobe is 258 cm wide by 64 cm deep and 212 cm high, so it takes up space, but it's still a fairly normal size for a wardrobe, despite its 5 doors. It is like a wardrobe with two large sliding doors in terms of size. The total weight of the wardrobe is 189 kg.

This wardrobe is from the brand LANDSCAPE and it was filmed at AIKO. The rustic style is typical of the LANDSCAPE series, they have complete bedroom furniture sets in this series. As you can see, the wardrobe is equipped with handles that match the style, small important details. One cupboard is airy with a large free surface, so you can, for example, fit a chest of drawers there. The other side of the wardrobe has shelves that you determine the height difference.

This wardrobe prioritizes two large cabinets over mirror doors, but a mirror is better than nothing, it's small drawers that work well, not so big but practical, aesthetically they fit in perfectly.

Size of 5 door modern wardrobe

This wardrobe is significantly smaller than the rustic wardrobe mentioned above. The width of the wardrobe is 226 cm and the depth is 54 cm and the height of the wardrobe is 210 cm. The weight of the wardrobe is 175 kg, so this wardrobe with its 5 doors takes up much less space than the rustic wardrobe. 10 centimeter difference in depth and that's quite a big difference, you need to find a wardrobe that fits your bedroom and your storage needs.

This wardrobe is from the brand MODERN LIVING and it was filmed at MÖMAX. This wardrobe will make your bedroom look modern and bright. With so many mirror doors on the wardrobe, the bedroom gets more depth and you perceive the bedroom to be larger. This wardrobe is equipped with a smart clothes hanger that you can pull out. One thing I noticed about this wardrobe is that you have to open one mirror door to be able to open the other, so you have to store things you don't use all the time on that side, the handle is like on the inside, yes you see in the picture above.

5 doors blue wardrobe

I have made an article about this particular blue wardrobe with five doors, click on the link and you will find more pictures and videos of that wardrobe. As you can see in the picture, this wardrobe has framed mirror doors, which creates less mirror surface, good or bad? you decide!

Advantage with large wardrobe

The 5 door wardrobe is quite large, obviously there is plenty of storage space. Another important thing is the mirrors, which of course are practical for reflecting yourself in, but it also creates greater depth in the bedroom, which makes it appear larger and the mirrors illuminate the bedroom better. There are many different solutions that you can see in this article alone, big drawers, small drawers, many mirrors, few mirrors, you decide how you want it in the bedroom.

Video of 5 door wardrobes

Here I have filmed two sequences, first the modern wardrobe and then the one in rustic style. There is never sound in my videos.

5 door wardrobe with mirror and drawers by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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