Black gloss wardrobe with sliding doors


Here we will look at a black wardrobe with sliding doors from brand JOHANN JAKOB, filmed at AIKO. Those who like shiny wardrobes will like this one, it brightens up the bedroom and it also has LED lights built into the oak decor.

LED lights built into the oak decor create a luxurious feeling in the bedroom, it is a detail that gives life to the wardrobe. As you can see, the bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers harmonize, that's because it's a furniture set "A modern modular bedroom furniture system including beds, wardrobes with sliding doors, chests of different sizes, bedside tables and accessories. The fronts of the furniture have black or white glass." So it is easy to furnish the bedroom when everything already fits in terms of style and materials.

Size of the wardrobe

This wardrobe is 280 cm wide and 68 cm deep and with a height of 223 cm. The weight is 224 kilos, so you need to be able to lift a bit, but the wardrobe comes in a total of 18 different packages. What stands out a little here is the depth of 68 cm, a little more than standard measurements which are usually around 60 - 64 cm.

Wardrobe inserts

This wardrobe has interesting solutions regarding storage space inside the wardrobe, see for example the small chest of drawers solution. Pull out tray which is a common solution in modern wardrobes.

This wardrobe has two small chest of drawers solutions inside the wardrobe, very practical if you like to sort your underwear, for example.

Here we see a pull out tray solution where you can hang up trousers or other clothes. A practical solution that does not take up much space.

Here you see all the pictures of how the wardrobe is on the inside, you see that you have four large compartments in which you can install wardrobe inserts that suit you.

Chest of drawers

Here we see a chest of drawers in the same style as the wardrobe, glass and with a door and four soft-closing drawers with black handles. A good and matching furniture set, I must say, for those who like black and glossy furniture.

Video of black wardrobe

Here I have prepared a video with three different clips of this wardrobe, all to show how it looks in reality, always a bit difficult to film glossy furniture.

Black gloss wardrobe with sliding doors by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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