Stylish blue wardrobe with mirror doors


All bedroom furniture in this room is from the same series, LANDSCAPE which is filmed at AIKO. The style is a bit more rustic and everything goes in the same colour, bedside table, wardrobe and bed. This blue majestic wardrobe with mirror doors goes in a rustic style and with its size and weight, 270 cm wide and 245 kilos, it takes its place in the bedroom.

Mirrors on wardrobe doors

There are 3 mirrors on this wardrobe which catch the light and spread it in the bedroom, mirrors also create a depth which makes the bedroom look bigger. Now the mirrors cover half the wardrobes, but there are mirrors that cover the entire doors if you prefer it. In the middle here, there are drawers instead of doors, which means that half mirrors are required if you want that solution. 

Gray colour turns blue

I don't know the colour code of this wardrobe, but the wardrobe is perceived as 100% blue, but is it a blue colour? My expertise says it is a gray colour that it has been painted with, as we all know the undertone colours in gray are blue, green, or purple. Here I think the blue undertone colour has completely taken over. I could be wrong but my expertise says this is the case. According to experts, blue colour in the bedroom is good for sleep, you feel safe, relaxed and calm with a lot of blue in the bedroom. If you don't have walls painted in blue, it works to furnish with bedroom furniture in blue. It shouldn't be too dark blue though.

This wardrobe is equipped with four hinges per door, it creates a smooth and stable opening of the wardrobe door. It is important that it is properly made and durable for many years of use.

Storage inside wardrobe

As you can see here, there is plenty of room to build the interior of your wardrobe the way you want it. You can fit a chest of drawers in the bottom if you want such a solution. In the middle wardrobe there are three drawers and above there are shelves. The wardrobe on the right is exactly like the one on the left, so it's only imagination and needs that set limits on how you want to decorate your wardrobes. There are many ready-made solutions to buy, or you can make your own DIY solutions. Just YouTube wardrobe DIY ideas and you will get a lot of interesting suggestions.

Handles for wardrobe doors

Wardrobe handles go in a more rustic style, which suits both the color and the design of the wardrobe. It is an important detail in terms of design and practicality, important that it is easy to open the wardrobe doors, especially if there is little weight on them.

Video showing this blue wardrobe

Here I have filmed so that you can get a better idea of how the wardrobe is really experienced, as you can see by the colour, grey or blue? you decide.

Blue wardrobe with mirror doors by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

Five homes with blue wardrobes in the bedroom

Since colours look so different, depending on light, colour manufacturer, colour mixing and more, here's a look at five bedrooms with blue wardrobes to give you a good idea of how it might look. As you can see in the pictures, blue wardrobes fit with and without mirror doors. Under each picture I write which blue colour was used.

The majestic blue wardrobe above is painted in the colour Water's Edge 1635 from Benjamin Moore. "An elegant Old World blue that also works well in more contemporary spaces."

This blue wardrobe above is painted in the colour Denim matt finish.

This blue wardrobe above is painted in the colour Matt Indigo Blue.

This blue wardrobe above is painted in the colour Indigo blue and handles Satin brass Piccadilly.

This blue wardrobe above is painted in the colour Inchyra blue from Farrow & Ball.

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