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IKEA has a series called SMÅSTAD, it is children's furniture for the bedroom. The series includes a bed, wardrobe, desk, bookshelf, bench, chest of drawers and various cabinet solutions. The frame for the SMÅSTAD series is called PLATSA and they are easy to build, they all click together without any tools. The idea with the SMÅSTAD series was to create furniture so that you can combine and customize according to your children's needs. We will see pictures and videos of many different solutions I have filmed at various IKEA stores, all to inspire you.

Children's room

Children's rooms are a little different to the adults' "bedrooms". In the children's bedrooms, the children sleep, they play, they have to do homework, they store everything they own, clothes and toys. Therefore, you often see practical solutions, such as SMÅSTAD, where you can build a bed with a wardrobe and have a desk underneath, for example. There is a lot that needs to fit in a small area, so it is important that the furniture is practical, functional and reliable.


In 2020 SMÅSTAD replaced the STUVA series, it is important to remember that SMÅSTAD and STUVA are not compatible. The units differ in height and depth, rendering any mixing impossible. So if you want to replace your STUVA with a door or cabinet, you have to approach the second-hand market.

Colour choice for SMÅSTAD

There are quite a few colours to choose from, pink, grey, white, cork, green. You should find one that suits your child's room. Then when it comes to IKEA, we know that there are plenty of different accessories, handles being one such.

SMÅSTAD knobs and handles

An easy way to renew, improve or style your furniture is to replace knobs or handles on the furniture. Here you will find the range of Småstad knobs and handles from IKEA, For example Eneryda, Hishult, Nydala, Berghalla, Plockar, Järnsparv Latmask, Bagganäs and Begripa. At the bottom of this article there is a video with all the SMÅSTAD solutions I filmed, as well as these handles, I put it at the end of the video.

SMÅSTAD interior fittings

Just as important as the outside of the wardrobe and cabinet is the inside. It is the inside that counts, one might say, here you must decide which storage boxes, rails, hangers, mirrors and shelves you will install.

Here you get some inspiration pictures of interior fittings for the children's wardrobe. Traditionally, you always find IKEA special boxes in varying sizes and colours, they work for children as well as adults.

Here you see different solutions for hanging your clothes, different hanger solutions, including how RASSLA is hung on one hanger rod, there are similar ones for adult wardrobes as well. Practical solution for storage next to your hangers.

Wire basket with pull-out rail is very practical, and the children see what is in the drawers without having to open them all first. Available in two different sizes for the SMÅSTAD series. A good tip from my side is that you buy soft hinges for all doors, then you avoid slamming doors. They cost a little more than twice as much as classic hinges but it's worth it.

SMÅSTAD inspiration pictures

I have so many pictures of the SMÅSTAD series from IKEA, so I'm posting them here so you can get inspiration how you want to decorate and furnish your children's room.

Video of SMÅSTAD

Here I have filmed many different SMÅSTAD from IKEA, basically from all the ones you saw pictures of in the article, at the end of the video you see knobs and handles for the SMÅSTAD series.

SMÅSTAD serie from IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

Pictures, texts and videos are produced by Mauritz

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