Children's bedroom inspiration


Here we will look at a child's bedroom/playroom/study area, yes children's rooms are used for many different tasks. This room was filmed at Mömax and it is a Premium Living collection.

Colours in the children's room

This children's furniture set comes in concrete and a vintage dark oak colour so the furniture gets a rustic style. Walls are in light gray colours with lots of decor, the hot air balloons are the first thing you notice when you enter this room. Chest of drawers, TV bench, bed and wardrobe and also a desk are included in this set and they harmonize well with their colours and rustic style.

Wardrobe with mirror door.

This wardrobe has three doors, one of which has a mirror door. They are classic hinged doors, which do not have soft closed hinges, buy such if you get a wardrobe, especially for children's rooms so you don't have loud bangs when they close the wardrobe. The wardrobe certainly has a longer lifespan with such hinges.

Even the inside of the wardrobe goes in a rustic style. Here there is plenty of room to find good storage solutions, there are lots of insert solutions where only your own imagination sets the limits. This furniture set comes with a chest of drawers, so you may not need such a solution inside the wardrobe, which is otherwise quite common.

This wardrobe weighs 185 kilos and measures 156.4 cm wide by 52.3 cm deep by 204.7 cm high, so it takes up quite a bit of space, but as you can see from the pictures, there is plenty of storage space in this wardrobe. Also some practical and decorative solutions such as this open compartment in the wardrobe where you can store, for example, books.

I can imagine that this furniture set is suitable for boys, I think the colors of the furniture are too dark for girls, but everyone is different. The most important thing is that it suits the child's need for a nice room to sleep and play in. This children's room has a lot of storage space, even under the bed there is a large drawer, which I missed filming. Storage space is one of the most important things in a children's room and they usually have a lot of toys and things that take up space.

Decorative walls

I have traveled around Europe and visited many furniture stores, common among the vast majority of children's rooms I film is that they are decorative walls, it can be like in this case hot air balloons, it can be Indians, Disney characters and more, this lights up and creates a personal touch to the children's room.

Video of this bedroom / playroom

Here I have filmed over the bedroom so you will get a good picture of how it looks in reality, maybe it will inspire you. I haven't opened the closet and filmed.

Children's bedroom inspiration by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and video are produced by Mauritz

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