Children's wardrobe with sliding doors


In this article we will look at LENI bedroom furniture set for children from the Modern Living series from MÖMAX. Storage is very important in children's rooms, they have everything from clothes, toys, school supplies and much more that needs to fit in a small space. 

Theme for the children's room

This children's room with a nature theme on the walls has a rustic style on the children's furniture from the Modern Living series, bed, desk and of course the wardrobe that ends up in the center. The dark green colour on the wall creates a depth that becomes a perfect contrast wall against the wallpaper wall with fantastic animal motifs. This is a perfect children's room for animal loving children, the theme throughout the room is animals and nature.

Look at the handles on this wardrobe, it doesn't get more rustic than that, thick rope cords that you open and close the door with. The wardrobe door with "plank motif" creates that sought-after rustic style, perfect when it looks like real planks in different colors and patterns. Vintage light oak pattern always fits perfectly against white, so it is a perfect combination of wardrobe doors. The nature theme is down to the smallest detail in this children's room. 

Size of this children's wardrobe

The size of this wardrobe with two sliding doors is 170 cm wide, 59 cm deep and the height is 195 cm. The weight is 107 kilos, which is about 40% less than a sliding door wardrobe for adults. The explanation is quality, they are thin doors that weigh significantly less than adult wardrobe doors, children are weaker so lighter doors are needed.

The wardrobe is equipped with simple wardrobe inserts, simple shelves and clothes rails and this of course affects the weight so that it is low, compared to an adult wardrobe which usually has a built-in dresser. There are of course wardrobe inserts to buy and a lot of different solutions you can make yourself, just see what storage needs the child has. This furniture set has many storage options, you see under the bed there are storage drawers, next to the wardrobe there is a shelf with good storage space and decoration options. Regardless of whether you are furnishing for a child or an adult, it is the need that governs which furniture you buy.

Video of the children's room

Here you have two clips from this children's room, the animal motif on the walls was so beautiful, so why not film it a little extra, I also filmed inside the wardrobe.

Children's wardrobe with sliding doors by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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