How much does a walk-in closet cost?


There is no exact amount of what it costs to build a walk-in closet, you simply have to sit down and use planning tools that give you the exact amount. There are three important factors that affect the price of your walk-in closet:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Interior design

Here I will give several examples of what it costs to build a walk-in closet, I will describe those who have posted online what they have paid, and partly I have used IKEA planning tools to get prices in real time. Regardless of which tool you use, the price is affected by which country you are in, I used the British website at IKEA. Inflation today means that prices can change overnight, so all prices are indicative only.

Sample price of an IKEA PAX walk-in closet

The prices are in British pounds and the white PAX frame system from IKEA has been used. The date this wardrobe was built was 31 Aug 2022. Here I will describe what is included and how the prices change drastically if you include, for example, doors.

As you can see in the picture, this is a u-shaped wardrobe solution with two corner wardrobes, five 100 cm wardrobe frames and one 75 cm and two 50 cm pieces. Here you build however you want, very fun to experiment with different solutions. I put a link below this text so you can test it yourself. I have also put in all the wardrobe fittings, baskets, clothes rails, LED lights and drawers. The wardrobe is 5 meters against the wall and 3.1 meters out on the sides, so this is quite a large wardrobe solution, the price for this you can see in the picture, around £1500.

How much extra does the wardrobe with doors cost?

If you want doors in your walk-in closet, the price will be completely different, this is exactly the same wardrobe solution as above but with 16 doors. TYSSEDAL is a nice glass door for the wardrobe, the price will be double if you want to install these doors, around £3000. If you want to see more wardrobe solutions with TYSSEDAL, we have an article here;

I am including two different examples here, BERGSBO wardrobe doors and one of the more expensive versions IKEA has in its range, VINGROM. Now many people may think that doors are unnecessary in a walk-in closet, but it may happen that you have full supervision of the closet from the bedroom, so it may be nicer with doors than perhaps an open solution. There are solutions for everyone's needs, so you can do exactly what you want. There is no right or wrong, you decide how you want it in your walk-in closet.

Walk-in closet on a budget

If you are a bit handy, you can build your own walk-in closet. I found this blogger, Stefani, who has done a fantastic job with her wardrobe and home in general, you have videos, a blog, you get all the information about how it is to build your own wardrobe.

Stefani started from two TARVA dressers from IKEA, based on these she built shelves and cabinet solutions herself, all in all with lumber, paint, clothes rails and everything else, so the price landed at $970. Now this was 2020 as we all know prices have changed drastically in the world, but the interesting thing about her blog is that you get exactly all the information about how she went about building her walk-in closet step by step, she is very handy!

The design of the Walk-in closet, how does it affect the price

The design is one of the things that affects the price the most. There are a few different design solutions for walk-in wardrobes, these are U and L shaped, the Parallel shape and the I shape. The U-shape is the most expensive variant, it simply takes up the most space, and it requires larger floor areas. The parallel shape is the second most expensive variant and it goes against two walls, no corner cabinets are required there, which makes the variant cheaper than the U shape. Then you have the I form and then only one wall is required, of course that variant is the cheapest.

Here above, we have an Instagrammer with a U-shaped walk-in closet, as you can see, it takes up space and requires a number of special wardrobes, which will be more expensive.

Here above we have an Instagrammer with a Parallel shaped walk-in closet, as you can see the closets are against the walls so only standard solutions are required, that makes it cheaper.

Above, I have taken a picture with an I-shaped walk-in closet, as you can see, the closets are against a single wall, so only standard solutions are required, which makes it much cheaper than other variants.

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