IDANÄS wardrobe from IKEA


Here we will look at the IDANÄS wardrobe in the colour dark brown stained from IKEA. IDANÄS is known for its timeless design that will fit perfectly into your bedroom. The wardrobe is also available in white for those who prefer lighter colours.

Size of IDANÄS wardrobe

IDANÄS wardrobe has bifolded doors, the wardrobe then looks a little bigger than it is. The height of the wardrobe is 211 cm and the feet account for 17 cm of this. The width is 121 cm and the depth of the wardrobe is 59 cm. The wardrobe comes in three packages and the total weight of these is 90 kilos. So in terms of weight, it's something you can lift yourself without a problem, in terms of length, the packages are 190 cm, which might be a bit problematic.

Wardrobe inserts

There are adjustable shelves so you can build to suit your needs. As usual when it comes to IKEA, there are lots of wardrobe inserts you can buy, check out boxes from the KOMPLEMENT series or why not SKUBB, STUK, BLÄDDRARE or PLUGGLAND hanging solutions, very practical and efficient storage in the wardrobe.

Here I have a picture of a BLÄDDRARE hanging wardrobe solution from IKEA. It fits into any wardrobe, as long as you have a clothes hanging rail. Just visit different IKEA stores and open the wardrobes and be inspired by the different storage solutions there are.

This wardrobe has these knobs, I don't know if it's standard, but I think so, they fit perfectly aesthetically and practically, at least they don't take up a lot of space and are prominent in terms of the appearance of the wardrobe. If you want others, it's probably easy to replace, after all, that's what characterizes IKEA furniture, that you can customize how you want it.

Bedroom inspiration IKEA

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of this whole bedroom, the IDANÄS wardrobe is on the right, so it didn't come with it. You see, among other things, the IVAR cabinet next to the bed. If you see the colours in this bedroom and think of your IDANÄS wardrobe in dark brown, it fits in perfectly, so it is important to think about the whole of the bedroom when buying a wardrobe, bed, bedside table, yes any bed furniture. What colours match, what sizes of furniture should I have, many questions that need answers before you buy in or repaint.

Video of IDANÄS wardrobe

As always, I have filmed the wardrobes I post about, it gives you a better idea of how they look in real life.

IDANÄS Wardrobe from IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

Extra video I found on Youtube, I thought it was worthwhile to watch if I would have bought an IDANÄS wardrobe, so I'm embedding it on my website, I'm not the one who filmed it.

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