Mustard yellow bedroom with grey bedroom furniture


Gray is a popular color for wardrobes because it is versatile and can complement a wide range of interior design styles. A gray wardrobe can add a neutral and sophisticated touch to a bedroom, and can easily be paired with other colors and patterns. Gray is also a versatile color that can be used in both light and dark shades, allowing for more flexibility in terms of design. Overall, a gray wardrobe can be a practical and stylish choice for a bedroom.

Here we will look at a bedroom with bedroom furniture from HOM'IN from Germany. This bedroom is painted in a deep mustard yellow called India Yellow No.66 from Farrow & Ball. This wardrobe with sliding doors comes in a light grey color with wooden elements. The width of the wardrobe is 280 cm and the height 230 cm with a depth of 62 cm, so it is not a small wardrobe, it weighs a whopping 224 kilos.

Is mustard a good color for a bedroom?

This deep dark mustard yellow color can be a bit overwhelming if the room is very small according to Farrow & Ball. But it otherwise fits very well in a slightly larger bedroom where you can light it up a bit and furnish with some light furniture, in this bedroom the light grey wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers are suitable.

What color is popular for bedroom furniture?

Every week I visit different furniture stores, what I notice is that lighter colors are more common on bedroom furniture than dark ones. I claim that light warm colours like white, grey, beige and natural wood bedroom furniture are generally the most common, according to my experience after all the visits to furniture stores. When it comes to bedroom furniture made of natural wood, it is also common for it to be dark lacquered.

Which wall colors go well with gray bedroom furniture

It is not only mustard yellow that suits gray bedroom furniture, it also makes the colors light blue, which makes the bedroom calm and inviting. In the picture below, it is the same wardrobe and bedroom furniture but a wall painted in a darker grey, I think mustard yellow in this case fits better.

In the picture below, it is a wall painted in a darker mustard yellow than India Yellow, with a beige bed and bedside table combined with natural wood and a wardrobe in natural wood. Despite the darker color on the wall, the bedroom becomes significantly brighter thanks to the choice of color on the bedroom furniture and the mirror on the wardrobe door does its job, the mirror reflects the light so that everything feels brighter and the room feels bigger.

What I want to show with all the pictures and the video below is that you have to see the whole when arranging your bedroom. It is important that you feel comfortable in the bedroom, so the choice of color for the walls and bedroom furniture and decoration in general is very important. One tip is to visit furniture stores and see how they have arranged the bedrooms, I learn a lot from visiting, for example, IKEA, Aiko, Bolia, JYSK and more.

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