PAX and PLATSA doors from IKEA


PAX hinged wardrobe doors

PAX wardrobe system is one of the most popular wardrobe solutions on the market. There are lots of colour choices, design and material choices when it comes to the PAX series. Here you can see pictures of PAX / PLATSA doors and NCS colour code for some. Below you will find pictures of the PAX hinged doors, Forsand, Bergsbo, Vikedal, Fardal, Flisberget, Reinsvoll, Repvåg, Vingrom, and Tyssedal.

PAX sliding wardrobe doors

IKEA not only has a large selection of hinged wardrobe doors but also sliding doors which we will look at here. Here you see sliding doors Nykirke, Auli, Färvik, Kirkenes, Hokksund, Tjörholm, Mehamn, Hasvik and Svartisdal from PAX system from IKEA.

PAX Sliding Doors IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

PAX door NCS colour code

BERGSBO white S 0502-Y gloss 25

GRIMO white S 0602-G92-Y gloss 10

GRIMO dark blue S 8010-R90B gloss 10

GRIMO gray S 5000-N gloss 10

MERÅKER dark gray S 7500-N gloss 5

FARDAL high-gloss white S 0500-N gloss 88

FARDAL high-gloss yellow S 2030-Y10R gloss 88

FARDAL high-gloss light gray blue S 3005-B20G gloss 88

VIKANES white S 0602-G92Y gloss 5

VINTERBRO white S 0500-N gloss 6

TYSSEDAL white S 0602-G92Y gloss 25

FORSAND white S 0602-G92-Y gloss 25

REINSVOLL gray beige S 3005-Y20R gloss 4

REINSVOLL gray-green S 5005-G20Y gloss 5

FLISBERGET anthracite S 8500-N gloss 6

FLISBERGET light beige S 2005-Y20R gloss 10

(The codes are for guidance only, they are the closest we can get to our colors expressed in NCS code. Always bring the door to a paint store to have it measured and in this way get a color that is as similar as possible.)

PLATSA system

We live in smaller areas, which requirement new demands on our wardrobes and storage solutions. That is why IKEA has developed the storage system PLATSA, which is a good complement to PAX, but which is above all optimal for tricky surfaces that require special solutions, which you can see in these bedroom pictures. Pictures of Skrova, Klubbukt, Leknes, Sannidal and Skatval dark gray. If you want to see more of a PLATSA system, we have an article here.

The advantages of the PLATSA system

The advantage of the PLATSA system is that you do not need to use tools to assembly. PLATSA uses a new IKEA revolutionary system that uses a "slide and click" mechanism to hold the pieces together. No tools and no glue, perfect for assembly and disassembly when moving. Clarification here, you need a screwdriver to screw the hinges on the door and cabinet and an Allen key for the cabinet feet. It is the frame itself that does not require tools, there it is the slide and click method that is used. "If you assembly yourself you can do it in one fifth of the time compared to another system" This quote comes from Henrik Elm, purchasing and logistics manager at IKEA Range and Supply.

PLATSA door NCS colour code

FONNES S 0602-G92Y gloss 10

SANNIDAL S 0602-G92Y gloss 10

SKATVAL dark gray S 7500-N gloss 3

(The codes are for guidance only, they are the closest we can get to our colors expressed in NCS code. Always bring the door to a paint store to have it measured and in this way get a color that is as similar as possible.)

What colour is the PAX wardrobe frame?

IKEA PAX wardrobe frame is available in three colours, white, black-brown and white stained oak effect. There are considerably more colours for the doors than for the frame.

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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