PLATSA wardrobe from IKEA - FONNES and KLUBBUKT doors


IKEA created the PLATSA wardrobe series for those who need more flexible wardrobe solutions than, for example, the PAX system. PLATSA is not only more flexible but also cheaper and should be easier to put together because you don't need to screw anything.

As usual when it comes to IKEA furniture, there are many choices, you decide which handles, shelf interior and colors you want on the wardrobe, this particular wardrobe comes in FONNES and KLUBBUKT doors. Your imagination is the only limit to how you want your wardrobe, IKEA creates modular solutions that allow you to maximize the storage space and how you want your bedroom to look.

FONNES doors

FONNES is the door model used here, they are in the material chipboard and the color is white. NCS color code for FONNES wardrobe doors from IKEA is S 0602-G92Y with gloss 10. So the color is very matte so they suit KLUBBUKT very well.


KLUBBUKT was created to highlight chipboard and its uses. Chipboard, Stain, Clear lacquer, Plastic edging are the materials in these doors, they have a positive impact on the environment because it is residual waste from solid wood that has been used, therefore each door looks a little different, simply unique.

Storage solutions inside the wardrobe

When it comes to storage inside the wardrobes, regardless of whether the PLATSA or PAX system used from IKEA, there are many solutions. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, storage bags and solutions for hanging clothes. The advantage is that you can complete afterwards here, you don't have to buy everything at once but first see what needs you have.

This PLATSA wardrobe solution that you see here has 3 large FONNES doors and then 2 smaller and then regular storage drawers, so you can mix things up a bit however you want. If the choice here had been to maximize the surface, they would of course have placed more full-sized PLATSA wardrobes there. But they have created a nice bedroom.

PLATSA wardrobe with glass cabinet

The PLATSA wardrobe solution is not only for the bedroom, check out this wardrobe example with KLUBBUKT doors and glass cabinets, perhaps not suitable for the bedroom, but you also get a picture of what larger doors in KLUBBUKT look like.

You will also see that these wardrobes have metal knobs while the one previously shown has plastic handles. It doesn't take much to change the look of your wardrobe.

Here you have video of both of these PLATSA wardrobes, video says a little more than just pictures, it will be a better experience.

PLATSA Wardrobe IKEA - FONNES and KLUBBUKT by Mauritz Interior & Design

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