REINSVOLL IKEA - PAX wardrobe system


REINSVOLL wardrobe doors from IKEA is made from recycled PET bottles and recycled wood, so this is a wardrobe that is not only practical and functional but very environmentally friendly. It is an extra plus when choosing your wardrobe for the bedroom, the environment is the most important thing we have on earth. Here we are going to look at three wardrobes with REINSVOLL doors, it is the PAX wardrobe system that works as a frame for the wardrobe.

Colour choice for REINSVOLL doors from IKEA

There are currently two colours to choose from among REINSVOLL wardrobe doors. grey beige or grey green doors. NCS colour code for REINSVOLL doors is,

  • REINSVOLL grey beige S 3005-Y20R gloss 4
  • REINSVOLL grey-green S 5005-G20Y gloss 5

Anyone who is a colour nerd like me can immediately see that the grey green wardrobe is basically the same colour as IKEA's BODARP kitchen, the difference is the colour shade, the REINSVOLL wardrobe is a little lighter in colour. I am posting a picture of the BODARP kitchen so you can see for yourself, the colour suits both kitchen cabinets and wardrobe doors. The NCS color code for BODARP kitchen cabinets is S 6005-G20Y Gloss 5. The colour code says that there is a little more black colour in the mix for the kitchen cabinets.

Handle and knobs

IKEA has a large selection of handles and knobs, here it is your taste that counts, these two wardrobes with REINSVOLL doors are equipped with ÖSTERNÄS 155 mm leather handle. ÖSTERNÄS fits in perfectly with the natural colors of the wardrobes, if you want smaller leather handles, they are available in size 65 mm, you can see them on the chest of drawers in the background where the green wardrobe is. "Almost all our doors and shutters do not have pre-drilled holes to give you more flexibility to choose from all the knobs and handles in our range. Use our drill template to mount the handles and knobs vertically and horizontally. All our handles are sold with screws." It is also common for IKEA to equip BODARP kitchens with ÖSTERNÄS leather handles, which you can also see in the kitchen picture I posted earlier.

Colour choice for walls with REINSVOLL doors

If you look at the colour choice that IKEA has chosen for the grey green REINSVOLL wardrobe, it goes in grey on the walls, lighter and darker. The grey beige wardrobe has a darker brown colour that I don't know the colour code for, but the wall color harmonizes well with the beige wardrobe. The grey walls with the green wardrobe have NCS colour code S 6502-G for the slightly darker and the lighter wall goes in the grey colour S 2002-G.

Wardrobe inserts / KOMPLEMENT

The PAX wardrobe system with its KOMPLEMENT selection makes it possible to decorate the wardrobe basically how you want, you decide if you want storage space for many hanging clothes or if you want a lot of drawer systems inside your wardrobe.

I post many inserts pictures from these three wardrobes here, you see that you can create your cabinets however you want.  You will find Clothes trail's solutions here, see examples of how one clothes trail is at floor level, it is a little different. You will also find various Pull out solutions from the KOMPLEMENT series. The KOMPLEMENT series consists of several hundred different solutions for your PAX wardrobe, regardless of your needs, you should find the right interior for your wardrobe from the KOMPLEMENT series

Grey green wardrobe inserts

I divide them into two sections so you can more easily see which wardrobe has which inserts. First comes the grey green wardrobe and below the grey beige REINSVOLL wardrobe. Click on the images and zoom in for best results.

This REINSVOLL wardrobe had different door handles than the others, already there you can see how easily you can change the appearance of a wardrobe. These handles are called GUBBARP.

Video of REINSVOLL wardrobe inserts

Here I found many REINSVOLL doors in a row in an IKEA department store, of course I had to open them so you can see how the closet inserts look.

REINSVOLL wardobes from IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

Grey beige wardrobe inserts

Video of REINSVOLL wardrobe

I have filmed all over the bedroom and inside the wardrobes with REINSVOLL doors so you can see in video format what the wardrobe inserts and the outside look like.

REINSVOLL IKEA - PAX wardrobe system by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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