Small Walk-in closet design ideas


Here we will look at a small room of about 2.5 x 2.5 meters (8.2 x 8.2 feet) which was used as a walk-in closet. Many people think that you need a large space to create a walk-in closet, but that's not true, it's just about organizing and designing your closet as efficiently as possible when you have a small area to work on.

The corners of the Walk-in closet

It's the corners of the Walk-in closet that can be a bit difficult to get right on such a small surface, practicality and maximizing storage space. Here we see how the cabinets look in the corners and it creates a lot of storage space. There is a large storage area in these corner cabinets even though the opening is quite narrow, here you could store things you don't use much and put a mirror door on the corner cabinet.

When you have a small wardrobe like this, it's important to use every centimeter, so it's important that corner cabinets are adapted to the wall behind, there are corner cabinets that look good from the outside but they are u-shaped so there is a lot air behind the wall which is completely wasted space.

Small Walk-in closet organization ideas

The most important thing you do before you build or buy wardrobes is to see what your needs are. It's pointless to buy something that will never be used, so it's important to think because, as I said, every centimeter counts.

Bins and baskets are good solutions, you can store bins high up where you don't have to access things as often, baskets are like these pictures low because you will probably use them every day, easy to pull out and in. Think how many jeans you can hang with this solution above the shoes, takes up significantly less space than if you fold the jeans. You should be able to fit at least 2 pairs of jeans per rail, I think you can fit 3. This allows you to fit a total of 24 - 36 pairs of jeans. Might be smart to visit a furniture store that has display models so you can feel, pull and push, see that things are of good quality.

It can be practical to have some drawers that you can't see what's in, you might want to hide some private things. I see many wardrobes today have a chest of drawers built in, which can be practical and look good, but be mindful of maximizing the surface area, especially in a small closet.

There are ready-made solutions for most things today when you want to build your walk-in closet. There are online planning tools you can experiment with and build your wardrobe at the biggest furniture stores. IKEA has many planning tools, for example.

5 reasons to choose a walk-in closet

There are many reasons why you want a walk-in closet, these five are perhaps the most important reasons.

  1. You can organize so that you get a good overview of shoes, clothes, accessories and bags.
  2. Make optimal use of the storage space at oblique angles and slanted walls.
  3. The bedroom gets a stylish and calm expression when the wardrobe has its own space.
  4. Sliding doors protect your clothes from dust, odors and moisture in the bedroom.
  5. Get an overview of your entire wardrobe so you know what you have.

Video of a small walk-in closet

Pictures are very good but video is best when you want to see how something looks in real life, so I always make a video of the wardrobes.

Small Walk-in closet design ideas by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and video are created by Mauritz.

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