TYSSEDAL wardrobe from IKEA



The TYSSEDAL series from IKEA consists of wardrobe doors in various variants and chest of drawers as you see in the picture. There are also bedside tables in this series, you can see what the series contains in the link I give to IKEA. Here we will focus on the wardrobe, which of course has the PAX system as a frame.

Wardrobe with glass doors

TYSSEDAL is available with glass doors for those who want it, you can also choose a wardrobe that is completely closed with wooden doors. But with glass doors on the wardrobe, it lifts the entire bedroom to a whole new level. The advantage of a wardrobe from IKEA is that you yourself "build" your wardrobe to suit your needs, only your imagination and budget set the limits.

Wardrobe in rustic style with glass doors

If you like a rustic style in the bedroom, TYSSEDAL is perfect for you. TYSSEDAL is only available in white and the NCS color code is S 0602-G92Y with gloss 25.

When you have a wardrobe with glass doors, everything becomes visible unless you choose frosted glass. You want things to look nice, so if you have a wardrobe you can see through, you probably keep it in good condition on the inside. There are many solutions when it comes to how to arrange your cupboard for the best possible storage space.

TYSSEDAL with mirror doors

You can of course choose mirrored doors if you don't want to see into the wardrobe. Many people may think that it will be too boring with completely closed wooden doors, so mirror doors then lift up the wardrobe. The advantage of mirrors is that they light up and can make the bedroom look bigger, as well as practical solutions of course.


When you decorate the wardrobe it is important to take care of your needs first, do you need to hang a lot of clothes? then you have to focus on that. KOMPLEMENT is like the base of the PAX wardrobe, where you can choose whether you want wire baskets, drawers with or without glass, shoe shelves, clothes rails and more, yes you will find the entire range here.

Hinges with dampers

I have opened and closed hundreds of wardrobes at different furniture stores, I would never buy a wardrobe without damping hinges. As well as preventing doors from slamming, I think it extends the life of the wardrobe and something as simple as damping hinges makes the wardrobe feel more quality built.

IKEA kreativ

Now you can scan a room you want to furnish and fill it up with IKEA furniture, fantastic product, let the inspiration flow, read more here. "Scan and design your own space to bring IKEA 3D products into your home, in mixed reality, or start in one of our 50+ virtual showrooms."

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