Walk-in closet ideas from IKEA


IKEA are experts in wardrobe solutions, what could be better than using their PAX system to build your Walk-in wardrobe. Here you will see lots of walk-in closets from IKEA, which solutions from the KOMPLEMENT series suit you, which size? which colours? There is a lot to think about when building your own wardrobe, here I will inspire and inform you about what is available and possible.

What colour of the PAX frame?

The colour of the PAX frame plays a big role in a walk-in closet, you will probably have the vast majority of closets without doors. Available colours are white, white stained oak effect and black brown. So the first thing you have to think about is what colour you want your wardrobe frame to be.

Size of wardrobe

Once you have decided which color of frame to use, the next decision is which sizes of wardrobes to use. Here it is important to measure the surface you have to work with, what are my needs, if you have a lot of shoes, you must have shelves for them, if you have a lot of shirts to be hung, you need solutions for that. Write down your needs and get wardrobe size and wardrobe inserts that suit your needs. The image above shows how many options you have regarding the width of the wardrobe frame.

Walk-in closet with white PAX wardrobe frame

White seems to be the most common color in a walk-in closet closely followed by the one in white stained oak effect. Here you will see pictures I collected at various IKEA stores, so that you get an idea of how white wardrobe frames are perceived in reality. I show U-shaped walk-in closets and L-shaped and of course the most common, single-wall closet.

This walk-in closet looks huge, but it is an oblong room with a wardrobe on one wall and mirrors on the other wall. A clever way to create huge storage space in a room that would be difficult to furnish in any meaningful way.

This U-shaped walk-in closet demands its place, especially with such a large seating/storage area in the middle of the floor. If you have plenty of space and are in need of many wardrobes, then this wardrobe solution is perfect.

This L-shaped walk-in closet with wardrobe with mirror door does not require too much space, you can build it into the bedroom you have, so it becomes like half a walk-in closet, so to speak. Here it is screened off with a seat, which can be practical.

Small walk-in closet is pictured here. You don't have room for any larger furniture here, but the focus is the wardrobe and a mirror on one side, I would think the floor area including the wardrobe is 3 x 2 meters. So you don't need a large room to create a walk-in closet.

Walk-in closet with white stained oak effect PAX wardrobe frame

If you like natural colours, this wardrobe is for you. Here we will look at U-shaped walk-in closet solution and single wall solution.

This U-shaped walk-in closet is quite small, compared to the ones we have seen before. Here there is plenty of storage space on a small surface, it is important to prioritize exactly which wardrobe inserts you need.

Here we will look at single-wall walk-in closet solutions, seating on one side and mirror on the corner wall and wardrobe solution on the main wall, standard solution. There are also hooks on the wall, as you can see, to maximize all kinds of storage space

Walk-in closet with black brown PAX wardrobe frame

You don't see this wardrobe solution too often, I have only filmed single-wall solutions regarding walk-in closets. What I have noticed is that the light plays a big role in how the wardrobe is perceived, can be seen as more black sometimes.

6 Walk-in Closet ideas from IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

Wardrobe inserts for your walk-in closet

IKEA has the KOMPLEMENT series, where you can choose the type of drawers, boxes, clothes rails and more. Here you decide whether you want the wardrobe to look luxurious or whether it is only practical. There is so much to go through regarding the KOMPLEMENT series, but we take the most obvious solutions.

The KOMPLEMENT series looks quite boring when there are no clothes to show how it should be. The picture below shows how the wardrobe comes to life when it is filled with clothes.

Here you see different pull out trays from the KOMPLEMENT series, as well as different types of drawers, with or without glass fronts. If you want a good overview, choose drawers with glass fronts. It looks a bit more luxurious if I may say so.

Here I am posting lots of pictures from wardrobe inserts from the KOMPLEMENT series. You get a good picture of how the colors look in reality, quite a big difference between white and black brown wardrobe frame from the PAX series. Further down, I'll post some pictures of the JONAXEL and BOAXEL systems, which also work as good storage space in the closet.

JONAXEL and BOAXEL storage

JONAXEL and BOAXEL are good systems for those who want good storage space and easily accessible storage. The metal baskets feel stable and durable, so a good solution for those who want to complete the walk-in closet with a slightly different look, PAX and JONAXEL and BOAXEL work well together.

Video of JONAXEL and BOAXEL series

Here is a video of all JONAXEL and BOAXEL drawer solutions. As you can see, you can mix quite a lot here so that it suits your needs.

JONAXEL and BOAXEL series by Mauritz Interior & Design

Walk-in closet with makeup table

Why not build a make-up department into the walk-in closet. If there is room, why not. Here we see a dressing table that is embedded between two PAX wardrobes. It is, as I mentioned before, your needs to be covered, only the imagination that sets limits on how to build your wardrobe.

Walk-in closet with makeup table by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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