Wardrobe organizer for clothes


The most important thing when you have a wardrobe is how you organize inside it, that's what determines how practical and usable it is. If you organize well and have the right furnishings for the wardrobe, life will be much easier in your everyday life.

IKEA wardrobe organizer

IKEA are experts in storage, for wardrobes they have the KOMPLEMENT series, check out that series on IKEA's website if you want to get inspired. I also have an article about the Walk-in closet from IKEA here and there I show many storage solutions inside the closet.

Clothes organizer

Before buying a wardrobe with all possible storage solutions, see what storage needs you need before the purchase. Do you have a lot of underwear? Well then maybe it's smart to have boxes. If you have a lot of clothes that need to be hung, then you need to make sure to get a solution for that. If you don't look after your needs before buying, the wardrobe will not come to its full potential, the risk is that it will be very messy in the wardrobe.

Wardrobe planner

All major players who sell wardrobes usually have a wardrobe planner on their website, this is recommended, partly you find out the price and then you can build your own dream wardrobe in peace and quiet. There are usually solutions that you haven't even thought of, a planner can help you with this.

Video with 17 smart closet organization ideas

Below is a great video with 17 smart closet organization ideas. The video is from popular Youtuber Shea Whitney. In this video, it's mostly about Amazon products, but that's the inspiration you should take with you from this video, because most of the products can be bought in stores all over the world.

Cost for closet organizers

It is impossible to answer how much it costs to build your own wardrobe, it is then good to use these wardrobe planners. The wardrobe below will probably cost a fortune, but things can be basically free if you use your imagination and things you already have at home.

Chest of drawers wardrobe insert

Maybe you have a chest of drawers standing somewhere that you don't like very much, then it can be used inside the wardrobe, smart and simple storage solution, many such things are also given away on Facebook markets and more. I have seen many such solutions when I visited various furniture stores. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest solution is the best!

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