Elegant wardrobe with glass doors


Here we see a white wardrobe with glass doors from IKEA. The PAX wardrobe system is used and there are TYSSEDAL doors with and without glass. Good to see both wardrobes next to each other so you can decide which is best, with or without glass on the wardrobe doors. In terms of price, there is a difference of about 10 - 20%, the glass doors are a little more expensive, but it is quite logical.

Soft closing hinges

Soft closing hinges are used on this wardrobe, it is wise as it is glass doors. Thanks to these hinges, the door will close slowly and carefully. There is a slight resistance when you close so you don't have to worry about slamming the glass door, simple glass insurance you could say!

Organization in a wardrobe with glass doors

When you have a wardrobe with glass doors, everything becomes visible unless you choose frosted glass. You want things to look nice, so if you have a wardrobe you can see through, you probably keep it in good condition on the inside.

There are many solutions when it comes to how to organize inside the wardrobe. IKEA, for example, has many different creative boxes that we can see here. You can't see if it's messy and disorganized inside them, and that's lucky and practical!

Organization inside wardrobe

Here we see how they have organized inside a wardrobe that does not have glass doors, of course it would have worked with glass doors but good to see both sides. Here we see the practical BLÄDDRARE hanging storage with 7 compartments. It would certainly have been nice and practical to have it with a glass door as well.

When it comes to organizing inside a wardrobe, you must first think about what needs you have, then adapt your wardrobe based on these, each wardrobe in itself is fitted based on your specific needs. If you have many shirts and clothes that need to be hung, then it is not practical to use a BLÄDDRARE hanging solution.

Knobs on wardrobe with glass doors

Should you use knobs or traditional handles on the wardrobe doors, it is simply a matter of taste, there is a wide range of different materials and colors to choose from. Silver-colored knobs fit perfectly with this wardrobe, small, simple and elegant. These wardrobe doors are NCS color code S 0602-G92Y with a gloss of 25, it's very white and the silver blends in well I think. 

Furnish with bedroom set

Many furniture stores sell sets of furniture where everything already fits together. Then you don't have to think about whether they match or not, they do it naturally. In this example, it is the TYSSEDAL series from IKEA, which has both a bed, bedside table, wardrobe and chest of drawers. The larger furniture stores sell similar sets where everything harmonizes.

What I've noticed when I've visited furniture stores is that they usually start from a style, modern, rustic, Scandinavian design, Shabby chic or whatever it may be, so you see right away which style you like. You can always mix styles too, you decide how your bedroom should be.

Here I have pictures of another Tyssedal wardrobe solution with a glass door. Here is the glass door in the middle of two covered wardrobes, works very well, very nicely organized in this wardrobe with IKEA's KOMPLEMENT solutions.

Manual for IKEA TYSSEDAL Wardrobe

Need a manual for the IKEA TYSSEDAL Wardrobe? Click on the link and you will find the manual for the TYSSEDAL wardrobe, you can view and download the PDF manual for free without registering on the Manuall website.

Video of wardrobe with glass doors

As usual, I always film the bedrooms, gives a better picture of how they look in reality. It is not so common to have glass doors on wardrobes, I have noticed that mirrors are more common on wardrobe doors. You see 3 different clips in this video, overall view of the wardrobe solution then inside the wardrobes.

Wardrobe with glass doors by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz.

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