Wardrobe with LED light


Here we will look at bedroom furniture from the HOM'IN series and James Wood series, they are owned by the XXXLUTZ Group so it is a large company of IKEA's caliber.

Two-door sliding door wardrobe

This two-door sliding door wardrobe from HOM'IN measures 270 cm, so it is not a small wardrobe, the weight is 189 kilos. The colours are light grey and oak. The LED lighting that you first notice is more of a decorative thing than practical, the lighting harmonizes with the lamps above the bedside tables on the bed, it is the same pattern and structure. Simply a beautiful bedroom furniture set.

The time you spend in the bedroom is significant, a third of your life, so why not furnish it with practical and stylish furniture with nice decoration. LED lighting is perfect for this purpose.

James Wood wardrobe

This two wardrobe is from the James Wood series, it is the same producer and owner as the other wardrobe we looked at above from the HOM'IN series, just a different brand.

As you can see on this wardrobe door, the frame for LED lighting is wider and the doors have a different pattern. Placement of the LED lighting is different, it is only the imagination that sets limits on how you want your wardrobes. This particular lighting solution may not be the most practical but it makes the wardrobe unique and eye-catching.

These two James Wood wardrobes are identical, it is interesting how much light, camera angle, zoom etc. affect how the wardrobe is perceived, this wardrobe is almost black in the store, but in the pictures it is perceived as grey. It is important that you visit the furniture store so that you get a real picture of how all your bedroom furniture looks before buying.

Wardrobe storage

This wardrobe provides space for quite large amounts of clothing storage. Many shelves that you can decide how you want to decorate, put in boxes for storage or leave clothes lying completely open, you decide!

There are lots of practical solutions for your wardrobe, you simply adapt them to your wishes and needs. This wardrobe has a small chest of drawers inside, you could have set up a significantly much larger one if you wanted. I see that many have such a solution with a chest of drawers inside the wardrobe, there are also built-in ones, it saves a lot of floor space in the bedroom, especially if you have a small bedroom.

Bedroom furniture set

The advantage of buying a bedroom set where everything is included, bed, wardrobes and chests of drawers and more, is that everything harmonizes. You decide more, should I have a king or queen size bed.

Another advantage of visiting furniture stores is that they are usually decorated by professional designers. Here it is important to see the whole, what colors do they have on the walls, in this case a white wall by the bed with an extremely decorative solution regarding storage, behind the wardrobe a dark color, coincidences? hardly. The headboard is in a light brown leather color that harmonizes with the chest of drawers and the oak color of the wardrobe, professional designers see the whole so that you will be inspired to buy. Brick patterned above the bed is really a wall decoration you notice.

How much does a bedroom furniture set like this cost?

Wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers end up at about 2000 dollars, but this is only a guide price because everyone knows how everything changes in the world. But it might be interesting to get some form of guidance, then of course it differs from country to country.

Video of wardrobe with LED light

In this video you get an overall picture of what the bedroom looks like, the video brings out the colours in a better way than pictures. The HOM'IN wardrobe and furniture are shown in the first two clips and finally the James Wood furnitures.

Wardrobe with LED light by Mauritz Interior & Design

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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