Wardrobe with sliding door - PAX IKEA

PAX IKEA - Nykirke
PAX IKEA - Nykirke

IKEA are experts in wardrobe solutions, the PAX system is their best-selling solution and we have lots of material we will post on this page. Here we see the PAX system with NYKIRKE sliding door, 2 cabinets with frosted glass doors and an open cabinet in the middle, for decoration and storage.

When building your wardrobe, you have to think about the whole, what needs to be stored, how much space we have in the bedroom, which colors on the wall match wardrobe doors and the PAX system. There are many things to consider when purchasing a wardrobe.

Same wardrobe door but different color of the frame

A simple way to change the appearance of the wardrobe is to use a different color for the frame of the wardrobe door. You can see a big difference between these 2 wardrobes, one with black color on the door frame and one with light metal frame.

Here you also get close-ups of the rail on which the door slides. This PAX cabinet and door felt sturdy when I opened and closed, didn't feel cheap and rickety. At the same time, you get some pictures of interior items for the wardrobe to maximize and simplify storage.

Video with bright door frames

Wardrobe with sliding door by Mauritz Interior & Design

Video with black door frames

Wardrobe with sliding doors - PAX IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

Wall color that matches the wardrobe

Here we see how the dark PAX frame fits perfectly with the frosted glass on the doors, these are called Nykirke. The bedroom is painted in a dark red color, a little brown in itself that matches the wardrobe. The NCS color code used on the wall is S 6020-Y90R, Benjamin Moore has a similar color called Ruby Dusk and Sherwin-Williams has a color called Arresting Auburn.

Vanity table and two wardrobe

What you could do here is to have a vanity table with a mirror in the middle of the PAX cabinets instead of like now, a tall cabinet, I have a video of how it looks but from another room and with white cabinets.

PAX Wardrobe and a Vanity table in the midle by Mauritz Interior & Design

With simple means, today you can create more workspace or more storage space. The example of the vanity table is one thing, you could just as well put a hinged wardrobe with a mirror on it. It is only your imagination and, of course, budget that set the limits when you create your own wardrobe solutions.

Text, images and videos are produced by Mauritz

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