Wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors?


Should you have a wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors? Here we will look at a poll about what kind of wardrobe people have in their bedroom and the pros and cons of wardrobe models.

Poll of which wardrobe you have in the bedroom

I created a poll on Facebook where a total of 266 people answered what kind of wardrobe they had in the bedroom. As you can see, it is very even between sliding doors and hinged doors. 38% had hinged wardrobes and 34% had sliding doors. 22% had a walk-in closet.

I got some interesting comments too which I can post here. 

"We have sliding doors, but I would probably have preferred hinged doors. Want to be able to open the entire space, not slide the doors back and forth every time"

This person commented on the above quote.

"exactly my opinion. I have sliding doors in one of the apartments because there was no room for anything else. In the other accommodation we have hinged doors and it is so much better."

"Unfortunately, sliding doors (built-in wardrobes). It's kind of the first thing that will disappear when we redo the bedroom"

"Would never choose sliding doors myself, were already there when we moved in"

I have no comment other than that everyone commenting on the survey was negative about sliding door wardrobes. I have a theory why more people are negative in the comments section. If the door to the sliding door wardrobe breaks a little, it is extremely annoying and requires some work to fix, if the hinge breaks a little on a hinged door, it is easy to replace or tighten.

Sliding doors are suitable for tight spaces in the bedroom

A big advantage for sliding doors is that you don't need space for a door to open. We can look at my closet here, I have a big three door sliding door closet, I couldn't have a closet that big with hinged doors, I could never open the door here. I have a fairly large bedroom 4x4 meters and still have problems accommodating a larger wardrobe, I have a large bed frame.

Advantage and disadvantage of sliding door 

So the advantage of a sliding door wardrobe is that it is space efficient. Today there is a large selection of doors in different materials and colours. The negative is that there are not as cheap models as with hinged doors. The doors are significantly heavier to open and close and take more time than traditional hinged doors. Difficult to get an overview of what you have in the wardrobe, you have to open the whole door just in case. A disadvantage is that maintenance can be more complicated and more expensive than a traditional hinged door.

Advantage and disadvantage of hinged door

So the advantage of a hinged door wardrobe is that it is quick to open, you quickly get an overview of what your wardrobe contains. There is a greater selection in all price ranges of wardrobes of this model than of sliding doors. Easier to renovate a hinge if it tarnishes. The negative is that they take up a little more space because you have to be able to open the doors completely.

Wardrobe with sliding doors combined with hinged doors

Can't decide whether you want a wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors? The solution is a wardrobe with both sliding door and hinged door combined, see this wardrobe below, works very well. You get the large sliding doors as well as a good storage space with hinged doors, this is perhaps more practical than only sliding doors or only hinged doors.

Wardrobe inserts

This wardrobe, which has both sliding doors and hinged doors, has good storage areas. The hinged doors department has different compartments with shelves. In the case of sliding doors, there is a classic clothes rail and compartment above. Here, a chest of drawers solution would fit in for those who prefer it.

Video of sliding door and hinged door combined

Here I have filmed the wardrobe, outside and inside, so you get a good picture of how a wardrobe that has both hinged doors and sliding doors looks like.

Wardrobe with sliding door and hinged doors by Mauritz Interior & Design

Fitted wardrobe, hinged vs sliding door

As you can see above regarding this fitted wardrobe, it has hinged doors, it is a requirement because it is a corner wardrobe. So you get more flexibility with hinged doors than sliding doors. There are no sliding doors that are curved, not yet anyway, but maybe in the future, who knows. If you want to see more fitted corner wardrobes, we have an article here.


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